Sunday, July 19, 2009

DLG Charity Bazaar 2009


It's been quite a while since my last month and five days to be precise. My apology for being out of the radar screen for such a long time. A combination of factors and circumstances, some inevitable and unavoidable, made it rather difficult to blog from where we are currently. Anyhow, the last few weeks have seen a flurry of activities going on and around in Tehran, not to mention our two-week summer break out of the country. InsyaAllah I shall bring to you some of those beautiful moments when time opportune.

And today I wish to share with you some of the images captured during the last Diplomatic Ladies Group (DLG) of Tehran's Annual Charity Bazaar 2009, which was held at the resident of the Egyptian Ambassador in Tehran, on Friday, 19th June 2009. As in the previous similar bazaar held in 2007, this year our Embassy also participated enthusiastically, along with several other ASEAN and other foreign missions. We managed to prepare a variety of food items for sale such as fried noodles, laksa & lontong, curry puff, fruit cake and ondeh-ondeh, as well as providing some gift items for donation. It was a sold out with many more customers, particularly the locals, asking for more. It does show how popular Bruneian cuisines are over here...many thanks too, to our one and only 'tukang masak', Hajah Sina.

It was a very well-organised event (many thanks to the Egyptian embassy and all the DLG committee members) and well-attended and participated by members of the foreign missions and international organisations in Tehran, as well as our Iranian friends and families.


the familiar Brunei booth...

familiar home-made Bruneian delicacies...

Bruneian ladies...

the main attraction...raffle draw

flourishing sale...

the South Korean stall...


our neigbour...Slovakia





the host...Egypt

the Egyptian residence

Turkish kebabs from Yarandi catering

one of the first lucky winners receiving her prize
from the Malaysian Ambassador

helping to pick for the next lucky numbers

enthusiastic crowds...

Ukrainians in their traditional attire

so who is the next lucky winner?

guests in relaxing mood

Indonesian booth

the Philippines

Kenya and other African stalls

our two lovely Indonesian ladies

with Mdm Shafiqa from Algeria

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