Sunday, June 7, 2009

Asean Table TennisTournament 2009

Welcome back after more than a week on hiatus.
This year’s ASEAN annual summer game kicked off with a table tennis tournament. It was organized by the ASEAN Sport and Cultural Committee (ASCC) and co-hosted by the Embassies of Thailand and Vietnam. The competition was held on Saturday, June 6th commencing at 8.00am, at the Iran Table Tennis Federation headquarters in Qeytariah district. Like in previous years, it was well-attended and participated enthusiastically by all home-based staff and family members of the six ASEAN missions in Tehran.
Until we meet again in our next game, once again, congratulations ASCC for the job well-accomplished.

welcome speech from amb. of vietnam

spouses and hubbies for the VIP teams

brunei vs indonesia

sure winners for the top category...

malaysian top player in action...!!

our young indonesian supporters

brunei single men player in action

and his thai opponent...

indonesian and thai top double players

the aghaie...resting after a hard fought game

brunei & indonesian fan & players

vip men double in action

brunei & malaysian pair...

and their philippines & vietnam opponents

men vip double in progress

vietnam - men single champion

indonesian women double players

another young fan

brunei men double players...third placing, welldone guys

the umpires...

bapak dubes & ibu ibu...

trailing spouses...

men double - final

thai amb. announcing the final result...

everyones the winner...

the asean family in tehran

with the co-hosts & hostess

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