Friday, May 29, 2009

Bagh-e Tajiki...our mini garden

our mini garden

It’s the last Friday of the month today. In two days time it’ll be June. Well, actually nothing much is going around here...and to note down today… just relaxing and contemplating in our little mini garden in front of the residence, relishing the beautiful weather and the sunshine of early summer days of Tehran, yet again.
Some spring flowers are beginning to fade away, giving way to roses, gerbera and a few other wild flowers of vibrant colors and shapes. It’s the time of the year when most of them are beginning to blossom now. I particularly like the red roses among all the other roses in the garden.
Besides flowers, I notice there are also a couple of fruit trees in the front garden and backyard of the house, beginning to bear fruits. The white berries in the backyard are mostly ripe by now, ready for the picking. For those who prefer it dried, now is the best time to harvest them, and roast or grill them in a fruit dryer.
However, of all kind of trees and plants in the garden, our favorite and most precious one is the walnut tree, right in front of the veranda. Not a big one though but it’s kind of special to us since moving in to this house. It’s been bearing some fruits ever since, but after a close look again at the tree today; it seems that this summer it’s going to be more bountiful.

button-size red roses


another variety of red roses

simply adorable

for my valentine...with love

I just don't have a name for this one yet, but its so cute n beautiful

yellow rose

pink roses

contrasting colors

some leftover spring flowers...

kind of hycintha family

the one n only walnut tree in the garden

view from the veranda

more fruit this year...

and more to reap

last season's reap (august last year)

ready to eat...

apricot tree...hidden among the flowers and branches

apricot fruit

white berry in the backyard balcony

sweet and tasty when eaten fresh from the tree

rosemary leaves at both sides of our entrance step...use as additional fragrance
in cooking or grilling

grapes grown wild on our left wall/fence...

beginning to bear fruits now

abundant fruits and berries for all...

including the crow...

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