Thursday, May 7, 2009


Persepolis...the richest city under the sun (Deodorus Siculus)
The palace of Darius

the entrance staircase...the magnificent double-reversing stairway
is uniquely Achaemenid

Gate of All Nations...built during Xerxes's reign

general view of the Apadana palace

square hall of the waiting room...

protectors of the complex...

Gates of All Nations...

the Apadana

more briefing...

general view of the Apadana...from the north

plain of Marvdasht...contains the most important relics from the Achaemenid
and Sassanid periods

staircase carved with reliefs to the Tachara or Hall of Mirrors

bas-reliefs of the servants, Tachara (Darius private palace)

Farr, the divine nature of things, hovers above the royalty portrayed on the reliefs
of Tripylon

the sepulchers...Achaemenid tombs


the remains of the treasury


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