Friday, May 8, 2009

ASEAN Family Day in Tehran

Unity in Diversity...


It has become an annual tradition for the ASEAN communities in Tehran to get together during late summer or early autumn, at an event called the ASEAN Family Day. Organized jointly by the ASEAN Sports and Cultural Committee (ASCC) and the ASEAN Ladies Circle (ALC) of Tehran, the family day is the culmination of the ASEAN sporting events held every summer among all the six ASEAN missions in Tehran. Besides, it is also being held in commemoration of the anniversary of ASEAN in August.
Last year, the get together was held on Saturday, October 11th. The Embassy of Thailand, as country coordinator, has been kind enough to host and provide the venue at their beautiful and plushy down- town chancery/residence. During the three previous years, all of the events were held at Wisma Indonesia.
As in previous get-together sessions, last year’s family day was also well-attended and responded by all the six ASEAN communities represented in Tehran, their family members, as well as several invited Iranian guests. The evening usually commenced with the presentation of prizes for winners of the summer sports events, followed by games and entertainments for all members of the ASEAN families. Lucky draws were also held to add more fun and excitement among the guests.
And as customary, varieties of ASEAN cuisines were served for the evening, shared and prepared by ladies from the embassies.
It was indeed an opportune moment for everyone to get together, mingle and at least to really feel more at home in the company of the larger ASEAN family. But more significantly, it was meant to be an occasion to strengthen even more the existing ASEAN spirit of brotherly and sisterly relationships and solidarity.
Many thanks and appreciation to ASCC and ALC for their hard work and support, as always, in ensuring to make the event a great success.

ASEAN Family Day 2008...

Thai residence...the venue

ladies helping with the lucky numbers

champion of the VIP bowling tournament...

...and his equally formidable winning spouse!!

winner takes all...badminton VIP winner

Jogathon prize - second runner-up

Thai corner...delicious noodle soup

exotic ASEAN cuisines...

fishing games for the kids and toddlers...

and biscuit eating race for the younger ones

prize for the junior musical chair winner

egg and spoon race

and folding paper competition for the older ones

the ever-popular and talented Tehran-based Asean envoy
rendering his favorite song...

another hidden talented star of the evening...

the finale... trailing spouses leading the 'poco poco' dance

ASEAN Family Day...2007

musical chairs for the youngs...

Asean...we are one

joy and excitement for the kids...

mummy goes to market race...
ASEAN Family Day...2006

happy kids with their kind-hearted host and hostess

trailing spouses...

fishing game again...anyone?

hey you biscuit...can't you just stay still for a while?

relaxing after the sumptous dinner...
ASEAN Family Day...2005

badminton prize presentation from the host

prizes for the young participants

and foto opportunity with them...

bottle race in progress...
(Photography courtesy of Malai Hj. Zulrizman - Canon EOS 40D)

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