Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nayeb Persian Restaurant

...reputedly one of the best restaurants in Tehran
It has been a while since we had our last lunch outing together with our daughter. So after her eye check-up late this morning, we decided to opt for a typical Persian cuisine for our lunch today.
After some indecisive moment, we finally settled for Nayeb restaurant. Actually there are many places to sample Iran’s fine cuisine in Tehran especially its famed Chelo Kebab. Have been to this classic restaurant before although at different location. There are a handful of Nayeb branches around Tehran such as at Sa’adat-abad, Aban, Vozara and Vali-Asr Avenue. We have yet to determine which one is our favorite until we have tried them all.
Nonetheless our choice to lunch at its Vali-Asr Avenue’s branch today, just opposite Saei Park, was just perfect. It was a great restaurant with a fairly excellent taste, wider selection of menu and reasonably priced. But what amazed us most was its beautiful and spectacular interior decoration and design, with its ornate and intricate d├ęcor. The Zereskh Polow which I chose was just nice as well as the other side dishes. Service was unusually excellent and the waiters were treating us and other customers extremely well.
I would say that Nayeb at this particular branch, is indeed one of the best restaurants to choose whenever you happen to be around in Tehran.

the branch at Vali-Asr Ave, opp. Saei Park

uniformed doorman ready to serve with a smile...

elegant entrance...

wider choice...

Nayeb waiter...excellent service...

doug...Iranian favorite drink...minty

Nayeb salads...sprinkled with Iranian spices

pishkaza (starter) zaitoon farvardeh...olive mixed with grilled walnut,
garlic and pomegranate

Iranian bread and yogurt dip

our daughter opted for a Japanese style chicken...the one
and only non-Iranian selection, a new addition

khoresht-e fesenjan...chicken in a walnut stew

my zereshk-polow side dish

and the favorite zereshk polow...with more barberries

hubby's choice...special 'Nayeb Momtaz' fillet kebab...juicy!!

nice decor and table setting

with classical painting on the ceiling

cosy interior

intricate golden ornament

all over the side walls of the entrance

entrance from Vali-Asr Avenue

(Photography by hamsare-mosafer, Nikon D80)

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