Thursday, October 8, 2009

Persian Nougat...

sweet n nutty...


Another popular Iranian sweet is Gaz, a traditional name for Persian nougat. It originated from the province of Isfahan, in central Iran.

It is usually associated with gaz-angebin or “sap of angebin” a desert plant native to the Zagros mountain range, belonging to the Tamarisk plant family.

Iranian nougat is traditionally handmade. Ingredients used include pistachio or almond, rosewater, saffron, honey and egg white. Its distinctive flavor makes it unique when compared to other nougats from Europe or other countries.

One of a ‘must buy’ list for any visitors to Iran to bring home, I reckon. Nowadays they are available in many different flavor, shapes and attractive packaging. Popular brands include the Ashrafi Gaz, Antique Gaz, Atiq, Shervin, Kerman and Assari.


sekkeh gaz

specially-packed for Isfahan ascension as the cultural
capital of the Islamic world, 2006

one of our favorite choices...atiq

another variation of atiq gaz

antique gaz round shape


best of the antique line...

bountiful choices...

one of our favorite confectioneries on shariati st.

friendly and warm service...

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