Monday, May 10, 2010

Tashkent, the "Stone city"...

"Registan" complex...remarkable monument of Samarkand
Our Turkish Airlines flight TK368 landed at Tashkent International airport in the early morning hours of Wednesday...April 28th.
By the time we checked-in at Hotel Dedeman Silk Road on Amir Temur Street, the sun has not arisen yet. Hence its time to recompense some of our interrupted sleep during the four and a half-hour long flight.
Our first day in Tashkent was basically spent with a familiarisation tour of the city and its surrounding, including visit to the bazaar and handicraft centre. The capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent has a population of over 2 million with an area of 300 square kilometers. Historically, it used to be divided into the old city and the new city along the main Ankhor river. With a history of more than 2000 years, Tashkent have developed from a tiny oasis to the biggest city of Central Asia. Its strategic geographical position made it one of the main cities of the famed Great Silk Road - the most important trade backbone road of the ancient world. Trading in semi-precious stones in central Asian mountains from the 10th - 12th centuries, Tashkent thus received its name from the word "Stone city" or "Turquoise city."
Today, this amazingly beautiful and hospitable city is indeed a real pearl of the East. With numerous reconstructions and architectural approaches, it has turned the city into a unique example of a Central Asian cosmopolitan city. In term of population, Tashkent is the biggest city in Central Asia...the political, economic, cultural and scientific center of Uzbekistan.
our hotel in Tashkent

along Amir Temur street...

lunch at Le Grande Plaza (Tartar)...

a cosy Indian restaurant

favorite buttered chicken

and lamb briyani

they called it 'Tarik Tea'...

and they even served chinese fried noodle

Chorsu of the the biggest and most popular in the city...

...the best way to find out and feel more about the culture of eastern nations...

a kind of dried local yogurt

assortment of spices...tomato, chillies, somaq, tumeric...

local Uzbek's bread...

friendly Uzbek's ladies

Uzbek women entrepreneurs...

young Uzbek girl selling sheep's legs

AbulQosim Madrasasi...handicraft centre

'rihal' made from one piece of wood

beautiful boxes made from paper mache...

oil painting of world famous architectural monument of Bukhara

porcelain and potteries

and attractive chessboard

interior of the Madrasah complex

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