Monday, August 31, 2009

Ramadhan Sights of Tehran

A Mosque in Tajrish, Tehran

Ramadhan (or Ramezan in Persian)…the month of the revelation of the Qur’an, prayers, blessings and benevolence, has arrived again.
In Iran, as in other Muslim countries, it is also the time of special ceremonies of inviting friends and relatives around for the fast-breaking spread, and sampling the exotic and delicious foods prepared by parents and grandparents.
In Iran, the holy month is celebrated in different regions across the country with unique ceremonies, traditions and preparation of special foods.
Talking about foods, last Friday while strolling along one of the busiest thoroughfare of Tehran, looking for some groceries for the day’s iftar, hubby and I were able to capture several images of Iranians preparing their favorite Ramadhan dishes.
Besides, it was also an opportunity to feel and share the atmosphere of the holy month in the city, once again. For Tehranis, it was something to look forward to during this time of the year when they would be able to choose and buy every kind of sweets and soups specially prepared for breaking fast and sahar (sahuur).
From the very popular Ardebil’s Aashe-dough and Aash-e-Reshteh, Iranian’s Haleem and Sholezard, sweet Zulbia and Bamieh, to Gilan’s Reshteh Khoshkar, one could easily be pampered with such a wide variety of choice and temptations.
Looking at them all, can’t help but brings back the good old memories, nostalgic feeling and atmosphere of our very own Ramadan stalls back home…!! How I wish one day we could be strolling along our Gerai Ramadhan in Gadong, Anggerek, Lambak, enjoying the festive air and savouring all the ‘ketaisan liur’…once again, InsyaAllah.

a busy intersection in Tajrish

Ramadhan shopping on a Friday afternoon

Aunt Layla corner...famous for its samanu...

samanu... a special type of sweet dish (from Khuzestan?) made from wheat germ,
also famous during Nowruuz

sahtoot...kind of redberry...

and walnuts...

Zoulbia...Iranian fritters, among the favorite confectioneries for
the fasting month..

and Bamieh, an oval-shaped sweet dough piece, deep fried
and covered with honey syrup

Goosh-e-Fil or elephant's ear, another variety of Iranian sweet,
covered with sugar powder

the popular Iranian sholezard

Aash-e Reshteh...perhaps the most common and popular soups for
breaking of fast in Iran
mixed with vegetable/oil and kashk (dairy product)

preparing another favorite soup...Haleem

also made of wheat, meat, lentils and spices. Also popular in some parts of
northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh
Reshteh Khoshkar...a conventional cookie of Ramadhan in Gilan province...

...made of rice, flour, sugar, walnut, cardamon, cinnamon, ginger and spice

slowly fried in hot oil or fat.

queueing up for reshteh khoshkar

sweet Iranian dates from Bam

anjir (black figs) from Lorestan

an occsional sight...a familiar fish from home...kembura or belanak

Tajrish mosque...also the site of the shrine of Imamzadeh Salleh,
brother of Imam Reza, the 8th Shia Imam

the mosque minaret..under renovation

the faithfuls and visitors offering their prayers and devotion

tombs of the unknown martyrs of th Iran-Iraq war

and women faithfuls...

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