Monday, December 7, 2009

Fulfilling our ketaisan liur...

ambuyat...Brunei popular pastime favorite...

Yes, Alhamdulillah, it was indeed one of the best time we've ever had when come to fulfilling what we've been craving for and missing so much all those while..when we're far away from home.
Apart from appreciating good quality times with loved ones, families and friends near and far, it was also a vacation well spent in term of relishing and fulfilling all the 'ketaisan liur.' It was the time to savour the culinary delights of authentically flavoured Bruneian dishes. It was indeed the time to sink our teeth into the much heralded and typical Brunei cuisine.
These are some of the mouthwatering stomach fillers among a lot more of other varieties of traditional Brunei dishes that we managed to savour especially for our lunches and dinners throughout our vacation.
And of course, among a whole list of authentic Brunei dishes is the much heralded 'ambuyat', a compulsory culinary treat when in Brunei.
peculiar Bruneian appetiser...kembayau

never missed any meal without them, well almost...

undoubtedly the most local & traditional dish of Brunei

'cacah' or dip for the ambuyat, made from local 'mambangan' fruit
and red chillies

or the more popular cacah made of pickled 'binjai' fruit

rebung (young bamboo shoot) in coconut milk...

sayur tibadak...another local delicacy

stewed 'kembura' fish with chilly flavour

sayur bayam (spinach) masak tumis

kupang (clam)

grilled 'tamban' fish


and its cacah...sambal belacan

tenggiri (mackerel) masak kicap (soy sauce)
(Nikon D80)

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