Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home...(2)

KL Revisited...Oct 2009
After checking in at Marriott on our first day of arrival, we headed towards Cheras Indah for a long awaited 'ziarah' on hubby's Mak Teh and Pak Teh (his mother's younger sister). It was rather an emotional reunion as we have not seen them for a decade. Most of hubby's cousins were also around and it was really exciting to see them coming with their grown up children. We also had our first taste of durian - coincidently the topmost item in our eating list, generously sent over by their next door neighbour (as if they knew of our arrival and craving for the fruit). The rest of the evening was spent reminiscing about our good old times together, in KL and Brunei.
Next morning's breakfast at Marriott was again something that we've been missing and yearning for all this while...nasi lemak, roti canai, Penang Char kuey tiaw...you name it, they're all there for the picking.
We were also spoiled for choices when it come for dinner. You don't have to go far to have the authentic taste of Malaysian cuisine at its best. We would definitely recommend KL Enak Restaurant at the hotel's lower floor for your next lunch or dinner appointment.

our beloved 'amit' (auntie)

...in good health and high spirit

we missed you all...

what a fitting welcome

one for the album

view of Ritz Carlton from the dining hall

abundance of breakfast choices

roti canai and pan cake...anyone?

and among all, this one really attracted my attention the most...

kuey tiaw...original taste

care for a second helping...?

couldn't seem to finish this one...

way to Cheras...

our main dish...mango fish

kangkong belacan...

chicken satay for a starter

and not forgetting the hot sambal

enjoying her favorite meal...

(Nikon D80)

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