Friday, December 4, 2009

Our mini fruit garden...

When we arrived home last October, it was still in the midst of the fruit season. Local favorite such as durian, tarap, rambutan, duku langsat...of all kinds and varieties were aplenty and in abundance, so much so we were so pampered and spoiled for choice. And of course top in our 'crave' list is the 'durian kuning' which my son had so kindly stocked and kept frozen days before our arrival. The other long time favorite is the 'kembayau' which we never missed as a compulsory condiment or side dish during our lunch and dinner at home.
Perhaps by a mere coincidence, it was also an opportune time to be around when most of the fruit trees in our little garden and backyard were also blossoming and ripening. Our mango tree in particular, had been producing abundant fruits even before we arrived. Except for the kembayau tree, which for some reason have not yet been bearing any fruits, all the others were seemingly making some kind of a welcoming gesture of our arrival this time around.
our signature mango tree...the one and only

'mata kucing' (cat's eye) or thai longan

sweet n juicy

and some are still flowering too...

bountiful...the best season ever

mixed breed of local and 'manila' stock...

makes it so juicy and succulent

our tarap fruit

and home grown rambutan

from the backyard orchard

and our home grown version of thai 'monthong' durian

produces a nice 'bubur' or 'tempoyak'

our fruit of all seasons...belimbing (star fruit)...

another local favorite...

makes a good 'somtam' or pickle

and last but not least... our tall and shady kembayau tree

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