Thursday, December 30, 2010

Artificial Flowers...


Nothing says it quite like flowers. But if you are looking for an option to decorate your house with flowers, artificial flowers is one of the best things and just the finest alternative for you.

During one of my recent visits to the Shoush wholesale market in the downtown area of Tehran, I found this flower shop located on the ground floor of the Shoush bazaar-e Shar Dari complex. The range of artificial flowers and colors available at the shop are endless. Once you step into the shop, you can't help admiring at the wide-range and realistic-looking collection of artificial flowers, varying in size, designs and color combination. They are so well crafted...the quality and the realism of the stems, sprays, bunches and bouquets is quite simply amazing, so much so that a second look is often required to determine if they are real or not.
Artificial flowers or more grandly known to as 'permanent botanicals' nowadays are widely used and become highly sought after interior decorative accessory throughout the world. They have existed in the market place as a long lasting alternative to everyday fresh flowers for many years to come.
Just like the real thing, artificial flowers are fabulous to brighten up a home all year round. They are a cost-effective, less hassle and maintenance-free alternative to real flowers yet pack as much punch as the real deal. Stunning and vibrant, natural looking and versatile...they are just the perfect vase filler to enhance one's home throughout the year, and are sure to kindle just a little romance in everyone's heart.
And just to share a lovely and adoring poem entitled "Artificial Flowers" originally writen by K.P Kavafis, (translated by Peter J. King and Andrea Christofidou) to bring home the message of the beauty of artificial flowers...
Artificial Flowers (1903)
I don't want real narcissi - neither lilies
nor real roses please me,
decorating trite and common gardens. I am grieved,
fatigued, afflicted by their flesh
their perishable beauty bores me.
Give me artificial flowers - porcelain and metal glories - neither
fading nor decaying, forms unaging.
Flowers of the splendid gardens of another place,
where forms and styles and knowledge dwell.
I love flowers made of glass or gold,
true Art's true gifts,
their painted hues more beautiful than nature's,
worked in nacre and enamel,
with perfect leaves and branches.
Their charm derives from wise and pure Good Taste;
they didn't vilely sprout in dust or mud.
If they lack scent, we'll pour out perfume,
burn romantic myrrh before them.

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