Tuesday, September 15, 2009

KFC in Tehran...

When you are in a rush for a quick, simple yet decent meal in Tehran, you can be rest assured to find all kinds of fast food outlets in almost every corner of the city streets. Varieties of them - ranging from all kind of sandwiches, kebabs, shwarma, pasta and pizzas are just within the vicinity and walking distance from your place of work, or home.
However, have you ever try eating out at or ordering a take-away from a KFC restaurant in Tehran? Well, don't be surprised to see one somewhere around the Tajrish area. In fact we found out this outlet for the very first time couple of years ago whenever we felt like having a simple meal, and particularly when the children missed their real KFC back home. According to some locals, it was indeed, and used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken before the revolution, but eversince was converted to its present name.
Well, not bad esp for those who really are longing n craving for the real one. Taste like real fried chicken of course, and still finger-lickin' good too!!

crowds waiting for the opening hours..

US$16 for a 12 pcs family meal...not bad

located within a very busy intersection

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