Friday, September 11, 2009

Sungkai Menu today...

It's a Friday, Sept 11, and we've just concluded our 21st day of fasting today. Don't really feel that time goes by that fast nowadays. It means another nine days to go for our fifth Eid away from home, yet again. Anyhow, what I wish to share today are just a few simple 'juadah' for our iftar this evening. Well, it may be a far cry from what we could have savour back home, but at least it does remind us of home sweet home...

stuffed dates from dubai

'apam balik'

our typical 'bubur kacang'

'rojak buah' (fruit salad) with peanut sauce


with garnish from home

shrimp fried rice and fried chicken

and juicy 'anjir' (figs)

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