Sunday, March 14, 2010

Friendly Lunch at Bistango...

It was really a great delight and pleasure to have met Madam Pilar Senga, esteemed spouse of the Philippines Ambassador to Iran during her short sojourn in Tehran since a couple of weeks ago. And what made her visit even more meaningful and memorable was her coincidence presence to kindly co-host and inaugurate, together with us, last Friday's ALC's ASEAN Food and Handicraft Festival at the Indonesian residence.
A very charming, affable and graceful lady indeed. And despite her very tight schedule and remaining days of staying here, she and her husband graciously accepted our invitation to a impromptu friendly lunch gathering yesterday, together with our other ASEAN colleagues, at our most popular and lively Tehran rendezvous...Bistango.
We really enjoyed and appreciate our new found friendship, and above all, our great ASEAN sisterly acquaintances, affection and close affinity. We look forward to seeing you again dear Mdm Senga, perhaps in your next visit, at the soonest and earliest.

a new addition...the house's special corn soup

prawn with spinach

lobster with pasta

lamb with mushroom

Bistango lambchop

prawn n pasta

newly decorated interior

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