Sunday, March 21, 2010


'Tumpi' Brunei

It's Sunday today, the beginning of the first day of our four-day long Nowruz holiday in Tehran. It is also the first day of the Iranian New calendar Year. At first, we're thinking of doing our round of brisk walking around the neigbourhood this morning. But to our surprise, the temperature seems to be dropping down unexpectedly today. So to pass the time by, I ended up in the kitchen preparing and making this Brunei's favorite breakfast treat...more popularly known as 'Tumpi,' or 'Martabak', a local version of the Indian Roti Prata or Malaysia's 'Roti Canai'.
With a dip or 'cacah' made of 'sambal goreng Opah', an original recipe popularised by my late and beloved grandma-in-law, it is just the perfect blend for our most nostalgic afternoon tea today....

dough prepared in cooking oil

ready for frying

soft n crispy

dip into a 'sambal goreng' or spicy fried shrimp paste

samabl goreng Opah - one of the legacies from our beloved grandma's original recipe

extra half-fried/cooked pieces...

for our day-out/picnic tomorrow...

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