Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sohan-e Qom...

sohan in attractive packages

From ancient time, Qom is famous for it's sohan. Sohan of Qom is well known throughout Iran and is very much relished. In addition to the other cities of Iran, the Sohan of Qom is also exported to the southern Persian Gulf countries and as well as other neighbouring countries.
It is a traditional Persian saffron brittle, a flat sweet biscuit made from honey, flour, oil, cardamon, pistachio and saffron. Other variants can also be made from honey and almonds.
Delightfully delicious, and not as sickly sweet as some other Iranian confectionery, sohan of Qom could become an obsession once you've tasted it.
Often sold in attractive tin boxes, in almost every confectionery shops, it makes an ideal gift or souvenir for any visitors to Iran to bring home.

pistachio and ginger brittle

with mainly pistachio fillings

sohan with gaz fillings...

assorted new packings


and crunchy...

symbol from the glorious past...

and patriotism...

busy shoppers at one of our favorite confectioneries at the onset of Nowrooz


  1. Hello,
    My Name is Seyyed mostafa and live in Qom- Iran
    i can supply and deliver sohan e qom for you.


  2. Can you also supply silk carpets from Qom?