Friday, September 4, 2009

Hyperstar in Tehran


At long last, Tehran has its brand new shopping mall, in the same league with such big players as Carrefour and Panda in Dubai, Tesco and Salisbury in the UK, or even Giant and Hua Ho in Brunei.
Located on Bahar Street in the Sadeghieh or Ariashar area in the western part of the city, Hyperstar have only opened its door to the public last Monday, August 24th.
When we visited the shopping mall for the first time this afternoon, it took us only around 20 minutes drive from our resident which is about 25 km away from the place. However, traffic began to pile up a few kilometers as we approached the road leading to the new mall. Being a Friday, and as expected, more Iranians and their families were on their weekends outing and in this case eager to discover what’s in store in their new shopping paradise.
As we entered there were not many new shop lots have opened yet, except for a few carpet outlets and bank branches. But we can spot some new changes in style and set up of the interior, as well as high end boutique shops carrying imported brands such as Mango, Geox, G. Ferre, Massimo Dutti, Benneton, Giordano and the likes. The main attraction is of course the new and huge supermarket on the ground floor, modeled precisely like the City Centre’s branch of Carrefour in Dubai. Most of the home appliances, electrical and electronic items are similar as those sold in Carrefour, while almost all of the food items are local produce.
According to report, the new mall is the brainchild and joint venture project of a Korean entrepreneur with some Dubai-based Iranian businessmen and foreign investors. Accordingly there are also plan to open eleven more new branches in other cities such as Mashhad, Shiraz and Isfahan.
The new shopping mall will be opened seven days a week from 9am until 12 midnight.
Well, at least something new to look forward to for a under one-roof shopping convenience, and comfort, considering the very limited availability of such establishments in Tehran currently, other than Shahrvand and other older and bazaar-style shopping complexes.

the latest shopping mall in town...

Iran of the biggest auto makers in the middle east

the complex from the side entrance...

City Star...pronounced city e-star in Persian

shoppers flocking the new mall

people thronged the new supermarket


here and there...

new logo to fill the billboard...

shahrvand...the current favorite


  1. Hi there, for you information, I wanted to mention that the Hyperstar, is the same carrefour, and it is a part of carrefour group, for more information about the names and group, you can visit;

  2. my dear friend

    thank you for your interesting post. for your information, hyperstar is a joint project by Carrefour group (25%) and MAF Holding ( owner of the emirates mall- 75%).

    to make sure, you may reffer to following websites:

    1- search ISNA, news code: 8806-04589
    2- search


  3. Salaam Ara S. & Poopoo,

    Thank you for browsing/reading my blog n for yr very enlightening remarks. Much appreciated, n grateful too for providing the websites.

    kind regards,

  4. Hello,
    I'm a reporter in Paris, trying to write a story about the new Carrefour shop in Tehran. I would like to speak to people who shop there, would you be so kind to contact me? Here are my contact details:
    Greg Keller
    AP Business Writer
    162 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore
    75008 Paris
    +33 1 78 94 11 99

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  6. thanx ......i need much more information...i have to prepare desertation on hyperstar stores....please upload if u can...thanx