Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alborz...a view from the rooftop...

a view from the rooftop...

The magnificent Alborz mountain range, as viewed from the rooftop of the embassy building, April 2009. Stretching from the border of Azerbaijan eastward towards Turkmenistan, it is home to the highest mountain of Iran, the permanently snow-capped Damavand mountain with an altitude of 5,671m. The Alborz range seals off the narrow Caspian strip, and is covered with luxuriant forests and lush vegetation. The slope and riverbed of the Alborz are the sources of numerous springs, lakes and wetlands with its beautiful and eye-catching landscape. It is also home to Iran's popular ski resorts...Dizin, Tochal, Abali, Darbansar and Shemshak.
Spring (April) 2009

snow-covered... Spring 2009

the rooftop...winter (December) 2008

31 December 2008

the majestic Damavand mt., north east of Tehran, in Mazandaran Province

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