Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lam Yai in Tehran...

still a rare sight in tehran...

Lam yai in Tehran market? Spotted this popular Thai longan (or Lam yai in Thai) and much esteemed by Thai fruit lovers, making its rare presence at one of the stalls along Tajrish Square yesterday.
Suddenly, it reminds me of our good old days in Bangkok. During its peak season from June - August, it can be seen in great abundance coming from Chiang Mai and Lamphun to the streets and stalls of Bangkok. The fruit, with its crisp skin and white flesh and sweetness, are usually eaten fresh, but are also popular when served as a dessert called "kho nieow lam yai" - a kind of fragrant rice pudding cooked in coconut milk. The canned longan is also served over crushed ice and milk...refreshing!
So how much does it cost here? Well, the price tag says it all...about US$5.00 per kilogram. Pheng margh kha...!!

and still a rare commodity here though...

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