Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary...

Celebrating the First Anniversary of the... Story of a Trailing Spouse...
Embarking on an adventure about a year ago, at the persistent urging, support and encouragement from my beloved hubby, I never thought I could have reached this far today.
In my humble little blogsite, I tried to share with my readers and fellow colleagues, friends and acquaintances in a similar circumstance, about life and adventure of a spouse who had been trailing her hubby for the last twenty six years, sacrificing everything, living away from the comfort of home, families and friends, and above all, having to undertake an indefinite career-break from my much beloved teaching profession.
I could not believe it has been a year already since this blogspot was started. Yes, time does fly by when it comes to blogging, and life in general for that matter. For someone who was now into blogging, it has been quite a bit of learning experience for me. When I started out, a lot of things were not refined. InsyaAllah, I shall continue my strive to relate and share more of the stories of this trailing spouse in my next and future posts, in my pursuit and endeavor to make it more readable, satisfactory and fulfilling to the readers.
Meanwhile, please accept my big THANKS and APPRECIATION to all those of you who have been visiting my blog. Your constant support as well as your constructive and complimentary comments really matters to me...

**** Tehran, 3rd April 2010 ***

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