Sunday, April 11, 2010

Juicy Goje Sabz...

goje sabz
Its the time of the year yet again when all kinds of exotic Iranian fruits are beginning to show up in abundance. The local calls it 'nobaraneh'...indulging in their favorite fruits of the early season.
On the way home after our midday stroll in the city park, spotted this very familiar looking and enticing little round green plums at one of the nearby fruit stalls. Yes, it is indeed one of my favorite 'asam asaman.'
The sour cherry plum...Goje sabz, literally translated as green tomato or sour green plums, is said to grow mainly in the mountain areas of Iran. Karaj, in the western part of Tehran is also considered as one of the main growing and producing areas. This self fertile round green plums is often picked before it is fully ripe and eaten fresh or cooked by itself or with sour cherries. The local usually eat them sprinkled and spiced with salt and hence are made into 'goje sabz,' a popular pastime indulgence especially among the ladies.
However, in my case, (and perhaps to some fellow Bruneian ladies who may happen to share this passion), nothing can beat dipping the goje sabz in soya sauce mixed with shrimp paste or 'belacan,' add with a little spoonful of sugar, just as we usually did with 'kedondong,' 'belimbing' (starfruit), and anything sour back home. Mouthwatering...
The sour taste of the plums really brings back all the memories of indulgence in our favorite pastime back home, among my siblings and lady friends alike, so strong that it always left me with strong nostalgic feeling...of home.
green n juicy

still early season price tag...@ Rls 120,000 (US$12.00) per kg

perhaps the best companion for the sour plums...

to always the shrimp paste & soya sauce 'cacah' (dip)...

chaghale badoom (unripe almonds)...another favorite
before the goje sabz season

also in season now...the ever sweet red plum

and the ever luscious local strawberries...


  1. love your photos! I haven't been back to Iran since I left as a young teen and this brings back delicious and nostalgic memories!

  2. hello, i need some info about parsian plums.. please write to me..