Friday, April 17, 2009

Bargh-e Karaj


Throughout history Persian gardens are so well known for its beauty. Most of these gardens in Tehran can be found around the compounds of old palaces and historical buildings.

Other than that, there are also several gardens or public park built and designed on similar concept around the capital city. They are among the most popular spots for recreation among Iranian families particularly during weekends and public holidays. Mellat, Laleh, Taleghani and Pardisan parks are among the many popular names one can visit and enjoy at their leisure.

Wondering how then we spend our pastime here? Well, we have been so lucky to have been generously invited by a very close, humble and kind-hearted Iranian friend to his family’s beautiful garden in Karaj during the last three summers. (At least we managed to escape the sweltering summer temperature for a while).

Bargh-e Karaj or Garden of Karaj, as he fondly called it, is located about 35 km northwest of Tehran, and just about 10 more kilometers to reach Karaj town. So it’s only less than an hour’s drive to reach there. During our last two outings there, our son happened to be on vacation, so just a perfect family gathering.

Located on a foothill along the main highway to the west, the garden commands such a panoramic view of the industrial town of Karaj and its surrounding areas. Beautiful flowers and fruit trees – from grape, apple, pomegranate, red berry, fig, walnut and pistachio are abound. With all the basic facilities and amenities available, such as a few chalet with services, bbq, swimming pool, tennis court, a place for mini golf (putting and chipping practices), Bargh-e Karaj is just a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life in Tehran.

Kheyli motashakkeram, kheyli mamnoon, agha va khanom Aghaie…ghashang-e…ma inja ro dust darem!!

5km to Garmdare

Bargh-e Karaj

Karaj Industrial area


Cooling n soothing waterfall

Joojeh kebab

Finger lickin'...

Tent beside the pool...

jimat cermat...

ambuyat's condiments

padas tapi nyaman...

kekanyangan or kabungkayangan...?

Red berries

with the hostess...

fresh mountain water

pomegranate...ready for the picking

perfect hideout for honeymooners...


with the host...Aug 2008

figs (teen)

serenity n tranquility

(Photography courtesy of MHS, Nikon D40x)

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