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Mosafer d' Eid-ul Fitr...(2008)


In my post today, I wish to bring back memories and highlights of how travelers (kaum musafir) like us celebrate Eid-ul Fitr or Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in foreign lands far away from home, friends and families.

In Iran, Eid or known as Eyde Fetr by most Iranians is a highly personal event, and celebrations are often more muted or sederhana. During the last four years, we observed that the first day of Eid (and Ramadan) in Iran fell one or two days later than most other countries in the region. Eid prayers are usually held in designated mosques and public places. Visiting the elderly and gathering with families and friends is also very common among Iranians. However the festivities usually last one or two days depending on the length of the officially declared public holiday.

Last year marked the fourth year we celebrated Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in Tehran. With only two Bruneian families around, it would be hard to expect feeling the same euphoria and excitement of welcoming the auspicious occasion like we do back home. No doubt this is the time when feelings of sadness, homesickness, somberness and joylessness abound. Nevertheless we always strive to make it up with as much as we could to make such thoughts and emotions disappear.

Early morning on the first day is always spent in congregation (both men and ladies) to perform ‘sholat raya’ at the chancery or residence of the Indonesian Ambassador, who has been generous enough to host the event every year. This is normally followed by a reception or mini open house by the Indonesian community. With a couple of Malaysian, some South Asian and African Muslim brothers and sisters, and their families, we could already feel the joy and happiness of being together on such an auspicious day.

Unlike back home, here we normally host our ‘open house’ at a later date. This is an event very much anticipated and looked forward by all friends and us alike. Simply because this is the only occasion when the ‘raya’ mood and atmosphere could be felt the most.

Insya Allah, in my next three posts, I will share with you again pictures of similar celebration during the previous years of 2007, 2006 and 2005 respectively.
Eid prayer at Wisma Indonesia

Kiyai from Jakarta

with the host n hostess

back from Eid prayer

serunding from Brunei

home-made maruku

kek bingka

friends from Indonesia, Kenya, B'desh & Vietnam

mee curry

main course

difficult choice...

guests from ASEAN

our Iranian friends...

macam kilala kueh ani...

assorted cakes

friends from Kenya, Philippines & Thailand

Thai & Indonesian Amb & spouses

ASEAN colleagues

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