Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank you all...


Welcome back. Still a little bit weary and drowsy today, but Alhamdulillah, feeling much better gradually.

Still recuperating though and InsyaAllah on the road to a speedy recovery after successfully undergoing a two-hour surgery yesterday morning. Spending the night at Kasra Hospital Tehran, about half an hour drive from the residence, and finally discharged late this morning.

Had been recommended by a good friend of us lately to consult with Dr Seyed Abbas Mirmalek, General Surgeon, who owns a private clinic near Vanak area, and also practices at Kasra Hospital during the day.

Established over the last six years, the hospital is one of the best-known, sophisticated and advanced private medical centers in Tehran. It has about 200 expert physicians specializing in various medical fields with the help of about 550 highly educated and well-trained nurses and 350 other personnel.

After being an in-patient in the hospital myself (even for just one night), I can certainly say that the hospital is indeed one of the best (I’ve seen and experienced a few while in Bangkok, Amman and Jakarta too). The staff really has devoted their time and skills at the disposal of the patients to render them the best service possible. I would definitely recommend this hospital to all friends and colleagues seeking excellent treatment and pleasant service available here.

So, to Dr Mirmalek and his team, and all the nurses and staff of the sixth floor, for the wonderful job well-done; to my family, relatives and all friends near and far, I couldn’t thank you enough for all your concerns and well wishes. May the blessings of Allah always be upon us all, Amin.

Everything you need for a overnighter...

Tehran from my hospital room


Thanks doc...

Get well soon from hubby, Halim n Nisah
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