Wednesday, April 22, 2009

DLG Charity Bazaar 2007

Discover Brunei...a Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures

One of the main activities organized by the Diplomatic Ladies Circle (DLG) of Tehran is the DLG Annual Charity Bazaar. One such bazaar was last held on Friday, 11 May 2007, at the enormous and beautiful garden of the Turkish Ambassador’s residence in Tehran.

More than forty embassies and United Nations organizations in Tehran participated in the bazaar by purchasing tables to sell their products ranging from food items to handicrafts. Several Iranian companies and business organizations, who volunteered to co-sponsor the event, were also invited to exhibit their products and services.
As in previous years, once again the Embassy took part in this charitable cause by purchasing two tables and contributed two raffle prizes donations. Proceeds from the bazaar were donated to charitable organizations in Iran such as the Shahadat Hospital of Tehran.
Apart from exhibiting and selling Brunei-made handicrafts, the Embassy also prepared several food items for sale such as mee curry and fruit cakes, prawn crackers and a variety of traditional dry cakes or ‘kuih asli Brunei’ such as panganan cincin, panganan papan, sapit, jit manis and madu kesirat.
In short the event was a great success. It was a day of joy and merry making for the young, the elders, as well as the kids. It was equally a day for charity for those who are less fortunate.
My appreciation and thanks to Hajah Norsinawati and our local staff for their unrelenting support and hard work. And special thanks and salutation also goes to our man of the day – Malai Zulrizman, who, despite the warm weather of May, had willingly volunteered to promote the image of Brunei by donning our Brunei traditional outfit throughout the day!!

showcasing Brunei...

attractive items...and sellers

our signature prawn cracker

Kuih Asli Brunei (traditional dry cakes)

Siraung & Takiding

my loyal and hardworking assistants

curious admirers and customers

our mee (noodle) curry...most sought after

enticing customers...

seemingly long and endless queue of customers

throng of crowds at the bazaar

thank you and well-done everyone...

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