Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snow in Spring...

hi, nice day ain't it...!!

Waking up this morning to a pleasant surprise. As it is almost a month now into spring, we did not really bother to switch on our heating system last night. So it’s rather normal to feel a little bit chilly in the morning of a mid April day.

Heard from the weather report yesterday, unprecedented heavy snow in the springtime has covered many Iranian provinces particularly in the north western regions of Zanjan, East and West Azerbaijan, Qazvin and Ardebil.

Suddenly the cold front moved down south to Tehran today. After relishing a bright and sunny break since the beginning of Nowruz, suddenly we woke up this morning to another cold spell and not realizing outside it was all white all over again.

I still remember this time last year, and the year before, we were already basking in the sun, surrounded by roses, tulips and daffodils blossoming in our cute little garden. Usually the snow ceases around the end of March.

Some locals told us this is quite a rare phenomenon. They remembered the last time it snow in April in the city was way back many years ago. Today’s weather report confirmed it was minus 1 in the morning, and there is a high probability it will drop further in the evening. Not bad for a mid April day, eh? So at least for now we are well prepared for any eventualities…come rain or snow!

I guess this could be the effect of global warming…or perhaps a kind of an “Indian winter turn to Indian spring” coming to Tehran…? Wallahu a’lam bissawab.

These pictures were all taken last Saturday when bright sunshine were abundant and day temperature was just perfect and fit for a Spring day outing in the garden...

just budding...

Walnut leaves...

Suddenly, early this morning everythings changed...

taken at around 6.30am

walnut tree

walnut leaves

mini garden

iced flowers

and branches


(Photography by hamsare-mosafer.blogspot.com, Nikon D80)

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