Friday, January 15, 2010

Ambuyat for Lunch...

Yes, its our first ambuyat lunch for the new year. Our authentic, traditional and indeed our most popular national cuisine. Just the two of us. It would've been even more merrier with more people around the table, as the way it should've been enjoyed. Nonetheless, we really did so, although without some of the more usual accompaniments such as 'pais paisan,' 'lauk berabus,' 'lauk besalai,' 'gulai daun ubi,' 'lamiding,' 'pakis,' 'gulai nangka, tibadak' & rabung,' 'cacah budu,' name but a few. Mouthwatering...!!
ambuyat for two...

homely n nostalgic

cacah binjai...home-made

grilled 'rumahan' @ mackerel

another dip for the fish...tamarind

deep fried anchovies


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