Saturday, January 9, 2010

Old time favorite...

Thought of venturing out to the city today, to try some new menus at one or two recently opened oriental and seafood restaurants in town. But somehow, the cold and chilly weather outside seemed to be much colder than yesterday and made us reluctant to even step out of the door. So in the end, we just decided to stay indoor, browsed through some old and unread novels, magazines and whatever reading materials that we could lay our hands on, and of course did some catching-up with up-to-date news from home...
After lunch, I decided to hone my rusty skill on one of my old time favorite desserts..."bread pudding," for our afternoon tea today. My craving for this relatively simple recipe came about when I suddenly recalled we were being served by my sis-in-law when we visited them during our last vacation. Of course I could not compare with all her inherited skill and talent when come to cakes and pastries. But to compliment myself, I guess, perhaps what made my pudding extra special today was that the main ingredient - the bread, was also home-baked.
Serve it while it is still warm with hot 'chay' (tea), I reckon it was just the perfect remedy to help overcome the winter chill and the cold syndrome we're in right now.


soft n crispy...yummy...

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