Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nooooch's Home-made Pastry

Nooooch's cheesecake
Came across this new cake shop in town via an 'mouth-to-mouth' advertisement today, through a recommendation from one of our staff member. Well, actually it is not really a pastry or a cake shop in a sense, but was informed that the lady, Khanoum Neshat, operates her own home-made pastry direct from her house somewhere in the Darrous area. She kindly delivered a few samples of her cheesecakes during lunch time today to our colleague.
Well, to be honest, so far it was kind of nice and yummy though, and tasted much better than the usual ones that we'd normally ordered and eaten all these while here. The price list is a little above the normal rate though.
I guess, perhaps one of these days we ought to give it a try should the need arise. Her contact numbers and email address are included herewith.
cheesecakes bitesize...of different flavors and tastes

sample of 15cm size

contact numbers for any orders...

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