Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cooking for the Asian Group Lunch...


Been a bit busy during the last couple of days...contemplating on the next menu selection for hubby's hosting of this month's Asian Working Group Lunch. Eventually decided on the above list...chicken satay for the starter, followed by mushroom soup garnished with cream and parsley. For the main menu, plain rice with beef in soy sauce, sweet n sour fish, prawn in breadcrumb and mixed vegetables. Dessert was again the sweet and cheesy pudding cocktail. Perhaps, a blend of some local flavours, with a Bruneian touch...

Glad that our guests today did really enjoy the food, many thanks to my three great assistants for kindly helping me out in the kitchen.



set up for the day's lunch

preparing the soup...

and the fish

my multi-tasking and able assistants

guests arriving...

savouring their apetizers...

spicy chicken satay

mushroom soup

fragrance iranian rice...

beef with soy sauce

sweet n sour 'tenggiri' fish

prawn breadcrumb

and mixed vegetables

pudding n fruit cocktail

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