Sunday, February 21, 2010

Delima Shakes...Anyone?

Care for a new flavour in your favorite milkshakes drink? Well, why not try my new invention...which I affectionately named after our new favorite fruit "Delima"-shakes (Delima means pomegranate or 'anar' in Persian).
Actually I've attempted to make it some weeks ago, but without removing the seeds, it was a bit of a struggle to really have a smooth drink, and savor the real flavor of the fruit. Yesterday, after blending, I shifted and separated the seeds from the juice, then only mixed it with milk and sugar.
The result...hmmm....slurrrrp. Its really a thirst-quenching drink especially for the forthcoming summer season....

sweet Shirazi pomegranates

fleshy and juicy

collected from only one fruit...

ready for blending

removing the seeds

from the juice

mixed with resh milk

and sugar, as appropriate

ample enough to make three glasses...

of sweet n good looking delima shakes

hmmm...refreshing... wish you all good luck in your attempt...

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