Monday, February 8, 2010

Omidvar Brothers Museum...

Another interesting place worth visiting in the Sa'ad-Abad complex is the world ethnology Museum of the Omidvar Brothers. Occupying an imposing location at the old entrance gate to the Green Palace, this building of red brick was first built in the mid 18th century, renovated and opened to visitors since 2002.
The museum houses massive collection of field recordings, films, photographs, autographs and other ethnographic miscellany of the journals and travelogue of two famous Iranian brothers, Issa and Abdullah Omidvar, who set out on motorcycle and a two-cylinder Citroen car on a journey across the world in the 1950s and 60s. They crossed all the six continents on earth from the Middle East to the African continent, North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, and through the frozen lands of the Arctic and Antarctica. More details of their adventure could be browsed through their website (
Our next stop in the complex was the Military Museum located not very far away from the Omidvar Brothers Museum. Although it was opened for the public, seemingly not many visitors could be seen around on that day, hence we had all the time to explore and admire all the numerous types of weaponry and armory from the ancient period up to the present time. A very resourceful centre especially for those who take particular interest in weaponry and military study.

red brick Museum

display of the Omidvar brothers' Citroen car and motorcycle

collection of their old cameras and accessories

photographs of souvenirs from the expedition

dining with local tribes in south American jungle

first automobile to reach Lhasa, Tibet... a gift from China

dentist on a street in Pakistan

meeting famous political cultural personalities
front stair to the museum

an exhibit at the entrance to to the Military Museum

ancient Persian soldier, 500 bc

bows and arrows

military swords

medals and insignias of previous regimes

model of military aircraft of yesteryears


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