Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Satay Cooking Class...

yum yum yum!!
As promised and in respond to some requests, especially from among my local Iranian friends, who were very much interested and eager and intent to learn on how to prepare and make our much acclaimed Asian satay and its peanut sauce, two weeks ago, I decided to give the demonstration, and shared the recipe with them.
Well, not too bad, it worked out fine though, the sauce in particular turned out well, if not perfectly well, just as desired. The chicken and beef satay hmm...juicy and tender. To my reckoning, probably the most authentic satay recipe I have ever tried...!! Being my first venture into a solo cooking instruction, at least it provides me an opportunity for more improvement and perfection in my next cooking class...until then...

eagerly noting down all the secret details...

most crucial ingredients...

frying the spice paste...

and stirring thoroughly

my very keen and attentive students...

grilling the skewed meats...

simmering in low heat until it turns smooth

skewed chicken satay

or simply and loosely fried 'satay terjun'

ready to be served

juicy, tender beef satay!

tasting time...good lookin' n skew lickin' satay!!

fried beef noodles...side dish

best eaten with pressed rice or 'nasi empet'

my peanut sauce...can't wait to try it

all smiles...

care for a second helping dear??

clean sweep haha...well almost!

and what's left...for a takeaway!

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