Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hamedan Revisited...(3)

Hamedan's Handicraft Expo...
On our way back down from the winter festival at the recreation centre, we also visited the permanent handicrafts exhibition at the province's Traditional Arts and Handicrafts Complex at the city centre.
According to the Hamedan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Authority, more than 200 distinguished handicraft works were displayed in the exhibition, which will also be opened during the Ten-Day Dawn ceremonies marking the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
Despite the time constraint, we had a great time and opportunity to observe and admire the rich cultural heritage of this country as manifested in its vast variety of woodworks, carpets, kilim, glass paintings, pottery, musical instruments, furniture and traditional foods from the different provinces being displayed in more than 30 pavilions.
Food and fruits from Sarina Academy Cookery

crafts from the seabed

fruit carving

'Anar' in a spiral decoration

Dolmeh with cabbage

'hasir' mats weaving from the south

Iranian pickles

Turkmen's special pastry from Gorgan

Havan (pistle)

stopping by for Iranian 'chay' tea


traditional costume...perhaps from Kordestan

painted glassware

Ashe from Esfahan


couple exhibitors from Damghand city

the famous and tasty Iranian sholezar

and Iranian made furniture

and an evening dinner reception...

graciously hosted by the city mayor

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