Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hamedan Revisited...(2)

a plan model of the recreational complex

Hamedan Winter Festival...2010
Right after lunch on our first day of arrival (Friday 29 Jan), we embarked towards Abbasabad, some 4 kilometers southwest on the outskirt of the city. The place is extremely popular not only for the local populace, but also a major tourist attraction. The famed Ganjnameh rock inscriptions is located on one of the the foothills of these Alvand mountain range. The recreational complex of this beautiful resort includes varieties of winter sports and facilities, including the Ganjnameh telecabins or cable cars, bungee jumping and rock climbing.
When we reached the complex on that late Friday afternoon, the weather was not so favorable for us to take a ride on the cable car. Hence we just spent the rest of the day watching the various artists polishing their skills on ice carving, being entertained by skillfull ice dancers and bungee jumpers, and sightseeing along the winding mountain terrains.
An extremely cold and chilling weather as we descended later in the evening back to the city.
Hamedan Winter Festival

rock climbing

skillfull ice dancer

delightful performance

ice carving contest...

gloomy weather

beautiful masterpiece

a 40m bungee jumping facility...

a young Iranian male stunt jumper

enjoying the cold spell

another exciting jump...

from a 19 yr old local 'stunt' woman...

incredibly daring...

apparently the first Iranian woman bungee jumper

mabrook khanoum jan...

Alvand mountain ranges

beautiful branches...

frozen n icy streams...

split level houses on terraces...

Alucheh (sour plum) and bagholi
(to be continued...)

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