Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hamedan Revisited...(4)

Lalehjin's Pottery and Ceramic...
Our first itinerary on the second day was a visit to the famous Lalejin village in the Bahar township. Located about 32 kilometres north of Hamedan city, Lalejin is the main centre of pottery and ceramic production, dating back to about 7000 years ago. Today there are about 700 workshops and more than 100 shops with many learned master craftsman and skilled artists can be found in this village. Their elaborate and aesthetic products include decorative kitchenwares, statues, glazed ceramics, painted ceramics, glass beads, fabric and flowers. The products are sold in the provincial capital, other cities and even exported abroad.
Hence Lalejin in particular, and Hamedan province in general, is one of the most well known centre for pottery and ceramic production in Iran. A 'must stop' for every discerning visitors looking for something authentic and traditional from Hamedan and indeed Iran.
making our first stop of the morning...

looking around with admiration

modern glaze...elegant and attractive

beautiful masterpiece


traditional pottery

pottery modern design


difficult choice...

eventually fall in love with this beauty...!

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