Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hamedan Revisited...(5)

Alisadr Cave Revisited...


From Lalejin, we continued our journey of another 60 kilometres north to the famed Alisadr Cave in the village of Goltappeh. The weather along the way toward our destination was much colder compared to where we departed in the early morning at Hamedan city. This can be seen from the thick layers of snow from the mountain ranges and valleys on both sides of the country road. However when we reached the area nearer to the cave, the snow became less visible.

This is indeed my fourth visit to the cave. Surprisingly, this time the weather inside the cave was much more pleasant and less colder than our previous visit. Once again it was an enjoyable outing and a well-arranged trip, many thanks to the organiser. As it was a working day, there were not many visitors around, and that made the cruising inside the cave and moving around the place a much lot easier and pleasant.

By late afternoon we began our trip back in time for our late lunch in one of the traditional restaurants in the city.


cold and chilly trip

view of the cave from the road

yes, only the invited ones...!

pleasant welcome...

stupendous and uncanny

short briefing session


and condyle...

beneath calm water


and stalagmites

inscription of the name of the Almighty

a place to enjoy indeed...

snow covered valley

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