Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jambo in Tehran...

Just browsing through my digital album today and found this collection of memorable encounter with our first Bruneian lady adventurer, Norhayati Abu Bakar, and her Austrian-born hubby, Haron.
Travelling all over the world in their heavy duty "Jambo" four wheel drive, they arrived in Iran's southern port of Bandar Abbas a few days before our 24th National Day anniversary in February 2008. Making their way to Tehran, as their next port of call, they have been travelling all over Africa, part of Europe and the Middle East. After about a week in Tehran, they left for Pakistan, Indian subcontinent, Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia before heading back home to Brunei Darussalam.
While in Tehran, we had the opportunity to invite them along to our National Day reception dinner at Esteghlal hotel, and met some other Bruneians who happened to be on an official visit to Iran, accompanying our Second Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Next day, the embassy also arranged a "meet the press and tourism agencies" at a press conference held in their honor. More stories can be browsed on their website at
It was indeed a great opportunity to have been able to meet them here and to share some of their stories and experiences. We salute their courage, dedication and determination in their effort and endeavour to introduce Brunei Darussalam to the world. Our prayers are always with you both for your safe and good health throughout your journey.
proud young Bruneian on Jambo in Iran

Jambo...a world traveller

press conference

followed by Q & A

relating their travel experiences to the audience

some of the local travel agencies

more chit chat during coffee break

brochures for all

welcoming Haron at the reception...

telling stories of their voyage...

the staff and jambo

electric fan in Jambo

posing moment before they left Tehran for the south...

popular with the staff members

a little touch/clean up before resuming their journey

saying goodbye to Jambo...

till we meet again....

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