Friday, February 5, 2010

Nostalgia...Amman (2)

Managed to dig into some old snapshots from an old foto album, of the sweet and good old times in Amman. It really helps bringing back the nostalgia of being in the great kingdom alive and well, again...
amidst the ruins of a once great castle and city of Jerash, north of Amman

at the top of the ancient castle of Karak, south of Amman

our residence at Abdoun, Amman

Tombs of Ja'far ibn Abi Talib RA and other companions at Mazar, Karak, and site of the battle of Mu'tah

the site believed to be the tomb of Prophet Nuh AS at Biqa' Karak

Cave at Ghor Al-Safi, where Prophet Lut AS and his daughters hid and lived,
just south of the Dead Sea

tranquil water of the Dead Sea with the West Bank in the background

participating in one of the Amman charity bazaars

hosting a farewell dinner to our outgoing non-resident Ambassador to Jordan

cruising around the Gulf of Aqaba...

Tomb of Bilal bin Rabah r.a., the first mue'izzin in Islam, in Damascus, Syria

visiting our fellow Bruneian students at Yarmouk University, Irbid

at one of the shrines of the companions, along the Dead Sea

a visit to the tomb and Masjid Sayidatina Zainab, Damascus

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