Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Livipastry at Tandis...

Just found out this new confectionery two weeks ago when we had lunch and doing our round at Tandis shopping centre near Tajrish Square. Seemingly it had just opened for business quite recently. When come to cakes and buns, I must admit that I just couldn't resist the temptation and the fascination of the fanciful array of these mouthwatering gateau (even after having had our sumptuous lunch earlier). So decided to give it a try...with a slice of its trademark tiramisu cake. A few days later we also tried the cheese cake. Our verdict: one of the best and tastiest we ever had so far in Tehran. The cheesecake is especially marvellous. Would definitely recommend them to any cake lovers to look for this new pastry outlet at Tandis...
Tajrish Sq viewed from Tandis Center


simply irresistable

it's tiramisu...the best so far

fanciful fruit pie

red berry toppings...

black chocolate and berries

choice of cupcakes

banana topping

chocolate and walnuts

pineapple topping

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