Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sa'ad-Abad Palace Complex...

Statue of Arash in front of the Nation Palace
Had the opportunity to visit Saad-abad Palace complex and park in the Shemiran area of Tehran on Saturday morning. It was a rather cold and chilly morning and the visit was well arranged as scheduled. Saad-Abad palace is one of the main attractions and beautiful palaces located in the caiptal city and very much becomes the one of the focal points of visitors coming to Iran.
The palace complex, built by the Pahlavi dynasty, spreads over an area of 110 acres. However during the 19th century it was also inhabited by the Qajar royal family and served as their residence. Over time, and after the expansion of the compounds, the number of palaces constructed increased to 18. Reza Shah lived in one of the palaces in the 1920s, while his son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi moved there in the 1970s. After the Islamic Revolution, 7 of the 18 palaces were converted into museums. The current presidential palace is also located adjacent to the Saad-Abad compound.
During the half-day tour we managed to visit four of the museums in the vast compound housing the former royal complexes, namely the Nation or White Palace, the Green Palace, the Military Museum and the Omidvar Brothers Museum. Other former palace complexes converted into museums in the vicinity are the National Arts Museum (or Africa Museum), Anthropology Museum, Mir Emad Museum, Abkar Museum, and Museum of Fine Art.
A worthwhile place to roam through, particularly for those very much interested to enhance their understanding and knowledge in the rich history and cultural aspects and heritage of the country.
sculpture beside the Nation palace

entrance road to the complex

among a group of visiting school children

Ground Floor lobby of the former Nation Palace with whole silk Kashan and Kerman rugs

Living Room

Waiting Room

Farah bedroom...with the first color TV in the country

Dining/Reception Hall with the largest handmade Mashhad carpet of 145 sq m

interior view, depicting popular Persian mythology

Ceremony Hall

Sitting hall (private reception and family iving room)

King's Day Room

Green Palace...the first palace built during the Pahlavi dynasty by Reza Shah

the front view

pathway and garden

built during six years (1922-1928) of three different stones, Isfahan Green stone,
Khamseh Zanjan (middle), and Italian stone (columns)

Waiting room, Shah Abbas design with silver and gold tissue curtains

Reza Shah working room

Ceremonies hall...

flower Arabesque design with best kind of mirror works

on wall and ceiling

corridor ceiling with mirror works

Reza Shah bedroom

Dining room

view of the Damavand mountain range from the Green Palace

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  1. Phenomenal entry! These are really amazing carpets. Fascinating, thank you for sharing